My name is Indigo Jones.

I grew up in Northern California. Happiness was celebrated with salty hair and new-found freckles and a bad day could always be fixed in the shade of the redwoods. No matter what, we went outside.

I was also fortunate enough to follow my travel writer mother around the world when I was young. I saw poverty in India and Cuba; the mitumba markets of Kenya; the beauty of indigenous design in South America; and the domination of pollution everywhere.

I was faced with the fact that my pristine world was a bubble, directly tied to the other side of the world. Fashion is a microcosm of this global relationship. 

Ultimately, my goal with sustainable fashion is to help lead the protection of our planet and help give voice to garment workers cemented by poverty and denied basic rights.


This is what lights my fire.

Live Fast Buy Slow is a platform for me to share my research, ease sustainability for others and advocate for what I believe in. Below are some of my experiences in sustainable fashion.



I served as the Corporate Director for the 2020 St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (FS)

I was one of three on the executive team for the 28th annual Saint Andrews University Fashion Show (Scotland), attended by 1,600 people. For the first time in its history, nearly 40% of the designers in the show were sustainable.

We also ran a 2,300-person music festival; and a guest panel on sustainability in fashion.

I founded the first Fashion For the Earth (F4TE) Week, including a clothing swap, film screening, sustainable pop-up shop and speaker panel.

My role included corporate communication, selecting panel speakers, working with sponsors and our charitable partner, Fashion Revolution. I worked with Veuve Clicquot, Rêve en Vert, and Monkee Genes, among others. I also oversaw the creative direction for all social media, marketing and event collateral. Please see the show below. 

In 2020, I graduated from St Andrews University, Scotland, with a First-Class Master of Arts degree, majoring in International Relations. I wrote my dissertation on the global environmental injustices of fast fashion.

Nearly everyone around the world engages with fashion every day, yet our governments and global leaders continue to ignore and trivialize fashion. This must change. I argued for the implementation of blockchain along the supply chain and for the critical need for regulation in the industry.

If interested, please feel free to download and read my dissertation (although it’s terribly long!). Alternatively, see my blog post, ‘Environmental Justice, But Make it Fashion’ for a condensed version.



2019 Redress Design Award (RDA)

Redress is an environmental NGO based in Hong Kong. They work to reduce waste in the fashion industry through consumer education, takeback clothing programs, and nurturing up-and-coming sustainable fashion designers.


The Redress Design Award (RDA) is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. As Garment Manager for the 2019 RDA Grand Final Show, I was responsible for the documentation, organization, transportation, and security of all finalist collections.


I was involved with model casting, magazine shoots, judging, fittings, rehearsals and the show itself. It also granted me the opportunity to meet and learn from emerging sustainable designers who, I believe, are the future of fashion.

Please see the 2019 RDA Grand Final Fashion Show below.